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The 5 star rated podcast that uncovers, devours & celebrates the history of eroticism.

From notorious sex symbols to mythological archetype, from the lives of striptease legends to literature too salacious for the public eye & everything in between. If the Pope would be riled, chances are we'll be covering it... Well, uncovering it.

Hosted by nationally awarded stripteaser, teacher & writer Velma Vouloir - C*ntroversy is the adult history class you always wanted. New episodes regularly.

Now playing on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify & wherever you like to listen. Just search for Cntroversy.

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Wow! I'm so entranced by Velma Vouloirs voice! Cannot wait to journey more through the people & stories that get the Pope praying for our souls

Genelle L

Velma's passion radiates through the podcast. You get transported into her well researched retelling of the past as you learn new insights into things that have been censored for TOO LONG! Big fan!


I've literally binged every episode to date this weekend. What a delight! Every episode is packed with information in an easily digestable format & the content is *chefs kiss*

Meet Velma

Ecdysiast. Teacher. Smut Enthusiast.

An award winning stripteaser with a lust for salacious history. Just when her parents had lost all hope for her using her fancy pants degree she decided to produce a podcast all about art, eros, beautiful bad women and how they've changed the world.

A passionate ally to sex workers, creators, pioneers in sexologists & those that embody the energy of the femme - Velma wants C*ntroversy to shine a bright light on the people, movements & moments in history that  shaped and moulded contemporary discourse and attitudes towards sexuality in society. 


You can find her on stage, in class, at the local library or at home with her two cats Jemeowma & Miss Moneypenny.

You can keep an eye on her here. Lord knows someone needs to...

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